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Welcome to Simply Divine!

Simply Divine Quilt Company offers professional longarm quilting services at reasonable prices.

Your quilt top will be finished with the latest stitch-regulated equipment and a computerized system for precision stitching. I will work with you to select the best quilting designs in your price range.

I specialize in custom quilting and also offer freehand All-Over quilting and Pantographs patterns. (A Pantograph is a repeating pattern or motif which is stitched across the entire quilt, from edge to edge.)

All work is done on a stitch-regulated, APQS professional longarm machine with an Intelliquilter computerized system. It is guided by me, Julie Karlak, and done with the utmost precision and care. I work in a clean, smoke-free environment. Other services, such as preparing backing fabric, pressing, binding by machine are also available.

Julie Karlak and Long Arm Quilting

Consider an overall quilt style to complement a busy quilt top. Echo quilting or cross hatching around appliqué will give your quilt a traditional feel while stippling with beautiful feather accents will give your quilt a classic look. Concentric circles or a “mctavishing” background is perfect for a stylish, contemporary look. I will quilt according to your instructions or I can select the most fitting designs to show off your quilt.

View more quilts and close-ups in Gallery.


We all love to piece those wonderful quilt tops! The process of choosing the fabrics, picking out the perfect patterns, and designing the whole quilt is fun! But making a perfectly flat quilt “sandwich”, and fitting that thick quilt into a tiny throat space to be sewn on your home machine, can be more than a little frustrating! Quilting designs and patterns which would be too cumbersome, complicated or impossible to maneuver on a home sewing machine are easily done on a professional longarm machine. You have spent hours on designing, measuring, cutting, sewing and piecing your quilt top. Your quilt deserves to have the same high quality quilting to set off your workmanship!

Let your next quilt be Simply Divine!

What You Will Find In This Site

Quilting Services & Pricing describes the services, levels of quilting and pricing that I offer. To ensure the best possible quilt, please see Tips for Preparing. If you are looking for some ideas for your quilt, check out Design Ideas. When you'd like to proceed with your quilting project, please see the information on Ordering. You can use the Quilt Calculator for an estimate. View customer quilts that I have completed in my Gallery (this link will open on a separate page). Finally, if you have any questions, click on Contact Me.

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